Bualuang, Thailand

Ophir has a 100% operated interest in the Bualuang oil field in the Gulf of Thailand.

Bualuang, Thailand

Phase 4 of the development of the Bualuang field was confirmed in 2017. This has seen 9.9 MMbo of contingent resource converted into 2P reserves. The phase 4 development will commence in 2H 2018.


Key highlights

  • The Bualuang field has been on-stream since 2008
  • Stable production with over 99% uptime in 2017
  • A facilities debottlenecking project in 2016 increased water handling capacity, and therefore allowed for increased rates of oil production
  • A three well infill drilling campaign in 2017 saw two wells in the deeper T2 reservoir and and infill well under the platform guided by data from the Ocean Bottom Node seismic survey completed in 2015.


  • Phase 4 will commence in 2018 with drilling of three slot recovery wells and two workovers and the construction of a new 12 slot bridge linked well head platform
  • Platform installation and drilling of 12 wells will commence in 2019


operated interest in the Bualuang oil field

The Bualuang oil field in the Gulf of Thailand has been on-stream since 2008. The field was initially thought to contain 15 mmbo of 2P reserves and have a productive life of approximately five years. However, the field has undergone numerous reserve upgrades and year end 2017 it had produced over 30 million barrels of oil, with a further 28 mmbo of 2P reserves and 10.3 mmbo of 2C resource.