Supply Chain

At Ophir, we realise that our successful operations and development are reliant upon our suppliers’ performance and, as such, we actively encourage healthy supplier relationships.

To ensure we continue to be market leaders in our area whilst maintaining safe and ethical ways of working, we focus on ensuring our suppliers meet and uphold our standards.

The supply chain function concentrates a significant proportion of its time on ensuring that Ophir’s suppliers can meet and exceed the Company’s expectations of performance in a safe, ethical and cost-effective manner.

The supply chain team is represented throughout Ophir’s global locations. However, all related teams report to the Group Contracts, Procurement & Logistics Manager who ensures a consistency of approach, and realises many benefits that working as a larger and more dynamic team can bring.

All potential suppliers are screened based on what, how and where they are supplying. Various screening activities may include;

  • Business Ethics Questionnaire
  • Intermediary Due Diligence Validation
  • Social Investment Due Diligence Validation
  • Human Rights Validation
  • Financial Prequalification
  • Heath, Safety and Security Prequalification
  • Environmental Prequalification
  • Validation that prospective supplier embraces Ophir’s Company Values

Ophir’s diverse supplier requirements and sourcing locations require us to adopt a flexible and sensible approach to supplier relationships as we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ model does not lend itself to the achievement of ‘best in class’ performance and results.

Our contracting strategy is to competitively tender to, and use, local companies wherever we can, to maximise local content, and we pride ourselves in conducting our business with the utmost transparency and integrity. To support us in achieving our goal of securing ‘best in class’ services to meet our business needs, we encourage a continuous improvement feedback loop, constantly looking to improve our processes. We also monitor our contractors to ensure their support and adherence to our Code of Conduct and other key documents, and ensure that both Ophir and our contractors remain current with industry standards and initiatives.