We continue to evolve as a leading international company: our business plans are ambitious and require people with superior performance to deliver them.

We continue to build and develop an experienced, resourceful and globally diverse workforce.

Integral to our Company’s success will be the combined efforts of these people, who are lead and managed by an inspired and courageous senior management team, comprising technical specialists supported by professional and functional experts. As part of a wider corporate initiative to further strengthen our Company (in line with the outcomes from the 2015 Employee Survey), we are continuing to invest in leadership development as a critical factor in support of our strategic objectives.

We aim to provide exciting opportunities and challenging work assignments for our people to gain wider experience across the business to enhance their skills. Our culture of inclusion allows us to successfully attract and retain the best in our industry.

Our performance review philosophy is designed to encourage robust feedback conversations to take place and for individual performance to be aligned to deliver corporate performance and value creation.