Health, Safety and Security

Health and safety is a priority for Ophir. All of our operations are carried out in accordance with applicable local and international health and safety best practices.

We apply strict health and safety procedures to all aspects of our operations, from everyday office activities to highly complex subsea technical drilling activity, vessel operations and Incident Management Planning.

Ophir’s Incident Management Plan and summary reporting flow diagram:


Reporting criteria

TRIR (Total Recordable Incident Rate) Group aspiration = zero
Leading Indicator system Under development


Ophir operates in challenging and sometimes hazardous locations.  In order to provide staff a safe working environment we conduct thorough risk assessments so that we can develop appropriate security controls and plans.  This process applies to new business opportunities and on-going operations and involves all levels of management.


All Ophir employees and contractors have a duty to ensure their activities are compliant with the rules and standards that apply. It is a part of our duty of care to ensure that our subcontractors and suppliers provide a safe and healthy working environment for their employees and to provide appropriate training, support and protective equipment. All subcontractors and suppliers are subject to regular checks to confirm compliance with the appropriate health and safety standards. The International Association of Oil and Gas Production has been sourced for guidance for our standards of Health, Safety, Security and Environment.

Our performance and commitment to upholding high standards of health, safety and security procedures is presented to the Board at least twice annually and is reviewed at the Corporate Responsibility Committee , which takes places a minimum of twice annually or as the Chairman of the committee shall require. The Committee is also responsible for planning independent HSE audits across the range of our activities to access our progress. Health and safety performance figures are a key component of the Group’s KPI programme.