Health and Safety

Protecting the health and safety of everyone who works on behalf of Ophir is of fundamental importance to the Company.

Through rigorous implementation of our HSE Management System, we ensure that we systematically identify all potential health and safety hazards associated with our operations and activities. More importantly, once we understand the hazards, we ensure that appropriate controls or safeguards are in place to prevent those hazards from causing harm to people, our assets or the environment.

HSSE and safe operations remain an absolute priority of our business. The delivery of this begins with the culture of the organisation. During 2017 the Company continued to embed a unified approach to HSSE across its geographic areas of operation, accepting that different regions may begin from different perspectives on such issues. Accordingly, we continued to build a united ‘One Ophir’ compliance culture under which the health, safety and security of all those who work with us forms the core of our approach to global business practice. We continued to emphasise the importance of using leading indicators to measure the effectiveness of our controls and safeguards in order to help the Company identify potential risks and seek ways to mitigate them more effectively through appropriate processes and policies. With two producing assets of significant size, safe operation is vital to the Company. Moreover, during the year we also conducted a large land seismic campaign that employed up to 1,400 contractors in challenging terrain in Indonesia. With this level of activity in mind, it is a testament to Ophir’s people that we achieved two significant HSE milestones during 2017: in Thailand we achieved three years of LTI free operation and in Indonesia we achieved two years of LTI free operation. Looking to 2018, we are rolling-out online training programmes across the Company, directed towards maintaining our good record in health and safety.