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  • Gawain Ross

    Director – Corporate Risk & Services

    Gawain Ross

  • Geoff Callow

    Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

    Geoff Callow


Phone: +44 (0) 20 7811 2400




In addition to the internal process, we have engaged with Safecall, an independent, external provider to support the ability of individuals to raise concerns by ‘whistleblowing’. Safecall is a very experienced organisation currently providing whistleblowing services to many multi-national businesses and will respond to calls in the local language if required. Safecall allows the reporting of work-related concerns on a named basis or anonymously. Work-related concerns can be raised either on the phone or in writing (by email) in the following manner:

Safecall – global contact 24 hour contact telephone numbers per location:

UK: 0800 915 1571

East and West Africa: +44 191 516 7764

Thailand: 001 800 7233 2255

Indonesia: 001 803 440884

Malaysia: 1800 220 054

Report on-line:

Report by email: