Community Projects

At Ophir we are committed to taking an active part in the development of the areas in which we operate. We strongly believe that as an international oil and gas operator we have a responsibility towards the positive development of the communities we work alongside.

We recognise that our business can play a pivotal role in the continued socio-economic development of the communities we impact upon, and we therefore make every effort to honour that role.

We often operate in challenging environments and it is therefore critical that we engage with all local stakeholders in order to build trusting relationships which have shared benefits and help to minimise the risks to our operations. All of our projects are continually being monitored for improvements


Our strategy for community projects focuses on sustainable investment in improving socio-economic standards for the communities local to our business operations. The selection process for these projects begins by conducting social mapping exercises to determine who our local stakeholders are, before engaging with them to identify projects that will improve access to food, employment and education. The diagram below illustrates theĀ five focus areas that guide the processes around our community projects.




Our performance and commitment to community projects is monitored and evaluated during our Corporate Responsibility Committee meetings, which take place a minimum or twice annually, or as the Chairman of the committee shall require. The Committee also reviews the strategic approach Ophir applies to the implementation of projects, monitoring its effectiveness. Whilst the ownership and responsibility for community projects sits with Asset Managers, several of our senior management team are responsible for managing the operational and reputational impacts and risks of community projects. The success of community projects across each of our locations is considered to be of high importance by the Board and across the Company.