Completing the redevelopment of Lilungu School, Mtwara (Tanzania)

Lilungu Primary School is the educational home to over 1,300 students from Mtwara, a village close to our offshore operations in Tanzania. In 2013, following a needs assessment of Mtwara and the neighbouring village of Lindi, it was recognised that the limited facilities at Lilungu Primary School were restricting the learning experience for the students and teachers.

After tendering for a local contractor, a reconstruction project funded by Ophir was initiated to improve the school buildings and facilities. By October 2014 Lilungu had five new classrooms, 11 renovated classrooms, four renovated office buildings and a brand new toilet block. The classrooms were provided with 240 wooden desks, crafted by a local carpenter, trees were planted in the outside area and a water storage tank was installed behind the classroom blocks.

Our investment into improving Lilungu continues today, and in 2015 we provided the students with a football pitch and a netball court, as well as supported the schools operating costs for the year.

Now that the renovations are complete, we have begun to focus our investment on improving the standard of education at Lilungu. We have facilitated a partnership between a school in North Devon in the UK with Lilungu, whereby the British teachers are working with the Tanzanian teachers to develop the standards and styles of teaching at Lilungu.