Business Ethics

As a condition of working with us, all Directors, employees, and contractors must work in accordance with our Code of Conduct and our related policies and procedures, including ethical conduct standards and our Global Anti-Corruption policy.

However, we do not want these to just be words on a page. We work hard to embed the fundamental tenants of working responsibly by training our workforce in both why we insist on operating responsibly and ethically and how that should be done in a practical, day-to-day way.

This year, we have run a number of training programmes across our operations, led by a combination of our central corporate team and on-the-ground management to place our policies and procedures into the context of our employees’ working life with us.

To better see how our people are meeting the expected standards of behaviour, we also introduced a new reporting framework to improve data collection, including leading indicators on ethical compliance such as anti-bribery, ‘maverick spends’, and creditor and counterparty risk. We discuss this in more detail in the report of the Board’s Audit Committee.