Corporate Responsibility

Doing the right thing is fundamental to how we do business. This is because we are judged not just by our business achievements but also by the way we conduct ourselves.

In practice, doing the right thing means we treat our people, partners and other stakeholders with respect and transparency; keep employees and contractors safe from harm; support and sustain the communities in which we operate; actively seek to create shared value; and work to minimise our environmental footprint. Culture lies at the heart of responsible operations. Although we work across a number of geographies, shared values unite our team. We expect everyone who works with us to demonstrate these values in both words and actions whatever their role with us. This in turn protects our business operations and enhances our reputation, preserving our licence to operate and helping protect and grow NAV (Net Asset Value).

“We are committed to being a responsible explorer and producer of oil and gas, and our operations are carried out to the highest international standards.”

Alan Booth
Interim Chief Executive Officer

Focus in 2017

During 2017 we had a number of key achievements:

  • our focus on operational excellence saw us complete over seven million operated man hours without a recordable injury across our workforce
  • we continued to operate incident-free in 2017 with no significant spills or other loss of containment events
  • we further embedded leading indicator metrics system to help prevent HSE incidents
  • We reported to CDP and GRI for the second year
  • we increased our compliance activities across the group and continued to monitor through our compliance leading indicators

Focus in 2018

During 2018 we will continue to focus on operational excellence and protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our workers as well as the environment. We remain committed to developing positive relationships and creating shared value with our stakeholders.

More specifically we will be focused on:

  • Improving our controls across our business to advance our risk management process
  • Focus on our Employee Value Proposition to all employees
  • We can improve our internal processes and procedures to potentially enhance reporting for 2017

We will also continue to comply with all applicable human rights laws and regulations and use the UN Guiding Principles of Business and Human Rights for guidance.

Our emphasis on CR is in keeping with our desire to create sustainable shared value for all our stakeholders.