Management agrees a number of KPIs with the Board on an annual basis. These are both financial and non-financial and monitor the progress in delivering the Group’s strategic objectives.

Our Key Performance Indicators for 2018 provide detail on the activities that will drive the business to deliver against the stated strategy.

As we started to think ahead to performance management for 2018, we decided to review our Key Performance Indicators. This was driven by a desire to make sure we are using the most appropriate metrics to allow stakeholders to benchmark the performance of the business.

The new KPIs provide a framework through which people should be able to measure our performance in the following broad areas:

  • Health, safety and the environment
  • Operational performance
  • Financial management
  • Employee satisfaction

The new metrics within these categories are all clearly measurable and will provide a good barometer of our success in delivering our stated goal of creating NAV per share. Whilst annual targets will change depending on where we are in the business cycle, we expect the broad categories to remain unchanged over the coming years.

A more detailed explanation of the KPIs for 2018, along with the specific targets, can be found below. By way of comparison we have also included, where appropriate, the historical performance in these categories to make it easier to benchmark performance.


1 Scope 1 & 2.
2 Revised from 64,130 due to double counting Scope 2 emissions relating to energy consumption in Bangkok office.