Corporate Responsibility Committee

Members of the Corporate Responsibility Committee are appointed by the Board and currently all of its members are considered to be independent.

The Corporate Responsibility Committee meets at least twice each year and otherwise as required.

Committee Members

Carol Bell (Committee Chairman)
Vivien Gibney
Bill Schrader
Carl Trowell

The Company’s Corporate Responsibility Manager is invited to attend all meetings of the Corporate Responsibility Committee. The Committee shall invite specialists with appropriate technical expertise to attend meetings on a regular basis.

Role and Responsibilities

The Corporate Responsibility Committee’s full terms of reference are available below but in summary, its main responsibilities include:

Evaluating the effectiveness of the Group’s policies and systems for identifying and managing health, safety, environmental, security, human rights and matters relating to equality and diversity, business ethics and conduct and any other matter relating to the social, charitable and educational activities of community projects and risks across the Group’s operations;

  • Assessing that these policies and systems are performed in line with best practice and appropriately meet regulatory requirements and/or international standards and guidelines;
  • Assessing the impact of these policies and systems on employees, communities and other third parties and on the reputation of the Group;
  • Receiving on behalf of the Board, reports from management concerning all fatalities and serious accidents within the Group and actions taken by management as a result of such fatalities or serious accidents;
  • Reviewing, evaluating and overseeing materials and reports to all stakeholders which address health, safety, security, social and environmental performance and make recommendations to the Board about their adoption and publication;
  • Reviewing the results of independent audits of the Group’s performance in regard to health, safety, social, security or environmental matters, review any strategies and action plans developed by management in response to issues raised and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the Board concerning the same.


Download the Audit Committee's full terms of reference